Resident Life

Our residents are admitted to St. Mary’s Nursing & Rehabilitation Center for a variety of reasons.  Regardless of a resident’s medical limitations, the Staff at St. Mary’s Nursing & Rehabilitation Center strive to maintain high standards of Quality of Care and Quality of Life.

These standards are constantly addressed by the staff through the question, “How best can we serve the individuals entrusted to our care while still maintaining the connection to their former lifestyle?”

The answers are diverse and many.  The best care may be provided through activities like a hymn singing or a craft fair, which remind a resident of home.  Perhaps a resident would enjoy having his life experiences be honored through recognition as the “Resident of the Month.”  The best care may be experienced through the entertainment that is regularly offered by the Activity Department, or through adopting a “family” for the exchange of Christmas gifts.  Something as simple as a resident being able to have her own furniture in her room can make a dramatic difference in the quality of care she experiences.

We recognize that each and every resident is an active, whole person, whose special needs have made living in their own home difficult.

Our staff strives to provide thoughtful and personal care to help residents make the Center their home and a part of their family.